Epics of wars ( from the stranger’s diary ).

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conflicts 1Sometimes the T.V. spins it  as it is toys

to play with, but we know there is blood,

and body parts, odors sending to the sky.

Death everywhere, even the living walked

as though dead.The burial plats with mark of the unknown. I protect; it is not

true, can I in my folly say they are Mothers Sons,  fathers daughters


Which of the century there was no errors in my grammar, where the teacher

commented with red from her fountain pen. That lease I knew of the World

affairs, Epics of Wars.


The bloody Children crying and suicidal wars goes on. Damn! who will stop

it so much fire and smokers. You see, the East at it, Africa can’t stop, the

West marches on, orphans looked in despaired, no man’s land their

 own now. Boys, girls pause to sign treaty, then tomorrow in drunken rage

again, for we never remain sober enough to look in each other eyes.The Epics of Wars.


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