A cold winter night

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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cold night 1

Dashing through the open door,

the darkness of the night sky

stood majesty above  looking.

The Stars, the Moon with

questionable eyes, as to

say welcome, and where to

this cold winter night.

The stillness of the night beckoned me. The stillness of the night woos my

soul to pander, but it is cold. The stillness of the night, its serenity to

behold but it is cold. Twilight’s gloves, earth flinched under blistering cold.

Cold night, return I must to my lodging. Watery eyes, weary feet,

trembling  hands, stuffy nose, its running too. Head spinning, swelling

toes  shaking body too weak to stand. Cold night, a minute longer and

sure death would have the welcoming chance. O Moon, Stars of the

heavens, strangers of the night, I will come again before winter past.

A cold winter night.

Note: (Do not own copyright to this picture).

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