Snow Dance

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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snow 1   Rippling sparking, in the millions,

slowly, then  as blissful wind the

velocity . O! lord, twisting

turning hanging in mid-air she

dance. What violent slug till fallen

on  my face, such mystifying touch. I imagine over mountainous terrains,

sloppy hill sides. Plains where farmers would till gains, cows once eat grass.

Woody forests; on park benches often sat enjoying the comfort of love

as the docile Sun looked on. Now snow dance and sing.

Dance white beauty, dance in ecstasy of joy. laughter on our children faces.

Visiting the neighborhood, our heart-felt gratifies. Dance  with graceful

delight, sweet liberty. Please stay with us so we can dance, awaken from the

spell of  winter draft, your  rhyme is prefect, dance with us, O snow dance.

Note: ( Do not own copyright to this picture ).


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