The Sun and I

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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hope sign 1As a boy, I often played with the

Sun, we were

such friend, like father, like son. A


shadow trailing my behind, and

like lover

chasing each other, defiantly  a time honor spot.  Yes, even when I’m

overwhelmed by fears, the though of spreading wings bored me along.

His competence was never in question, that let the child in me sore,

captive by the unknown. Invincibly was not a dream, perfectionism in

order,  gesture to deity. The sun and I a child embraceable a being, till man,

and the wild meet down the road. The inevitably happened, a knife became my

weapon of choice. The ocean asked of human flesh, quite places of the woods

vampire lore. Growing up was fast, the child in me cries, oh! thank God, the


Note: ( Do not own copyright to this picture).


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