thCAETNT2B falling 2The world is such a vibrating domain,
undoubtedly that is why it is so
interesting to live in. There is this
collective scene of humors, with its
metropilistic impulsiveness.

Boomers planted firmly into the soil
of their traditions. Seeing old men
debating it as they face their own
mortality. Whatever is truly the
meaning of the X,Y generations, when
am gone, other will dispute my findings,
but the children say its built on sold
rock to last, just may be two thousand years, are they seeing twilight glowing at 12 in the afternoon?

Like volcanic ash, it is vibrating, tsunami screwing us in. Lapses, eclipse,visual personality, moralist, idealist, liberalism, conservatism,and the other godism. I see gods looking, and at best the vibrations continues at dread lock speed. Will we defile gravity, and fall not off the edges with a bang, begging for an emerging species?

Hush body, hush, the vibrations is no meaningless sound, entrap in
motionless domes. We can rewrite the script, stead the play quickly
with rhymes and sound. I bet we will except the apocalyptic night
mears. Hush body, hush, the vibrations is no meaningless sound.

Note: Do not own copyright to this picture.


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