take down.

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take down2april 30/2009 at 3:45 pm. Shout of voices

those of command, order. It was fast, and

furious, the place became congested with

cars everywhere not a mouse could excepted.

The net set, and that was it, good Lord.

Lawmen, guns drown pointing at one lousy

lonely dealer. O such fool, order down like

butterfly tumbling quickly is face on the ground.

the frighten middle age man could not believe it,

but realty takes a griped, it is true he is out cold

and he knew it, the game over. I took notepad

began to write, camera to digitize the moments.

One for the law men, one for us do good er, one for

the treacherous dealer now book.

Fragment need gather to make this stick in court.

After on hour the boys high five each other, now they

can clear the neighborhood. Did I not mention their

female counterpart?, oh damn , by the way they not

from metro, lawmen and women of a different order.

Am weary now, pen ink is running dry. Lawyers,

Persecutors, Judges,Juries, will deal with from here

on, I need to rest.

Note: Do not own copyright to this picture.


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