My day with destiny

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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August 6,1962, I would have giving my live not
knowing why, emancipation cause, that was
hot, and who will not sacrifice. Seven years
old caught up with the commemorate honor of it all.
Gigantic fears, eating, drinking, carrying
the flag with pride I knew I belong.
Caravans everywhere, sea of people as farther
Fields, heaven open its doors for us.
Songs of redemption, shackles of Egypt leaving
behind,freedom now our cry.


A boy, only seven, envies no one,I love this
land, sweet paradise.Land woven with tartan
marshes, rainbow sky reminded of promise told.
Rain descended making lavish green leaves barks,
echoing lasting memories of Mongo, Garv walk, and river
coming down, capital news gives way to local
Village stories, oral traditions keeping lives
together. This my home, sweet home, new birthing began,
and so I knew I belong. A task before laid that will have to be done,
may be our labor just started , my day with destiny.


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