What to fear.

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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zomdis 3
I do not know any more, simple too many things, everything
on this futile plant is a threat. I read it day by
day, sleep on it at nights like a penitent fool.
The environmentalist guru, conservative genius, the
moderate character. Two legged, even four, five and
ten, they are like Praetorian guard standing with
watchful eyes,and with their tribal list in hand.

What to fear, snakes which I dislike with a passion.
What to fear, if only I knew clearly, the fanatic, or
myself, Countries of the South pacific, madmen of the
Sahara, horn of Africa, or the West, indicative of the
bless with everything ending up in hell?

What to fear, allow me to catch my breath, watch the
steps taken, else fall into pathetic mess.O! God let
my fears lead into golden bless, fantasy be few, its
too much a nightmare living in a cosmic bubble. What
to fear, here I begin, a healthy fear of the brotherhood, and sisterhood of the neighborhood, and escape this apocalypse invading force, the ” zombies”.

zombis 2


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