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rain drops 2

By the window I stood, this rain drops, babbling,
knocking. Asking to let her in, as white cloud
dropped its load. Out there, blue, dark overtone,
Sun sitting there with bright smile an its face,
they all seem to playing the game together,
culture of the Cosmo, I knew it.

My head busing, the indescribable pulled me to
gaze, to fathom the unclothed coding formed an my
window. What a show,very much exciting, it’s creeping,
running, climbing an each other, splashing, fallen
quickly as it calculating the time. God! such rain drops.

Indescribable rain drops on my window, what a weight to
carry. Is she crying? but how can I know, useless the
unthinkable happen cause in consternation, altering the
mind. Rain drops an my window, its contour, God’s fingers
alternating the designed. What of the eyes to see, he mind
to fathom, enshrine hope in my heart, indescribable,
rain drops.


Cloudless sky

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How last am I under canopy eyes, a dotted spot below,
when looking from Cosmo high. Here we are, over six
billions of us on planetary ground, grooving in,
grooving out, on trying desperately to survive.

How last am I under canopy eyes, sometime I think you
are a spy. On because of your technological supremacy,
opposing as its limitation, and the true is. I yearn
for those colorful graphic wonders above, not this
breathless, aimless heaven, hanging over my unrepentant

How last am I under canopy eyes, dulling my laughter
and fun, but soon the beauty of your amiable self, the
artistic pleasantry always delights, bringing my
dis-pear to joy, that said, I knew we are friends. The
cloudless sky.

girl_walking_with_jamaica_flagNoAdsSo young, but the flag I held with pride.
Mine was ting, still held with pride.
A child, wave it high, firmly through the
throng held it high with pride.

Still today, batter the years, dusty, and torn,
a slalom vow endures. The pledge honors, ensure
no moral dishonor this symbol of the nation’s
treasure. Still I held with pride. Eternity and
I will take about it somehow. For now I will hold
it high with pride.

rain falling

Bolted from my apartment, to meet me was the sparkling
Autumn mystic rain. Cover my locks, the twirling grain,
oh colorless the tides were high. Running,running down
trampling floor as it spread, the beast in me goes wild.
Ravished heart with flames , ambushing tweeting I almost fell.

Autumn rain on my locks, I drunk all as palate welcome gain.
Autumn rain on my locks, twist, turn and flash between lover,
just awaken from a spell which I frantically fraught to keep.

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autumn 3the perpetual odor, the smell puffing with kingly spirit bear. not the stalemate of yesterday when you foam, dying need not persist for you are more than colors.

the smell like dry dust as rain descending. breaking cloud empty quite a load, greeting our lust, oh God! stay with us. entrancing, sweet fragrance caught in the first draft of your muddy spell.

the earth’s chamber fills, and singing song. dear i cried, bring the cushions, roses, probable in my pain, relieve is imminent. let the mushrooms crust, only the foolish now will reject this moment of Autumn’s blest.

Before you take the shots, I would like to know at what prize, you do not mind? How about a trip to Down-under, or Amsterdam, and bear in mind a bottle of Remy Martin. Deal! now go ahead and take the shoot Not so fast friend, that bottle is not allowed.

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genernal picture 012genernal picture 013genernal picture 014

Preventive measure I presume no longer matters. The prognostic processed you, and that sometimes provokes anger. Leaves of the hour sitting in decorative way.

What is the procedure, the sunrises, dew dries from grass just cleanses. Burning sun, lighten thunder, leaves blanking lawns leaving the workaholic to labor, then calling the collectors

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I presume you Autumn mind the hours, with leaves failing, I do not care what need done, just embraces me in the warmth of your weather. I fear not the hideous task of picking up behind, you
are here and the journey together is so much better with your scandalous life style.