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rain drops 2

By the window I stood, this rain drops, babbling,
knocking. Asking to let her in, as white cloud
dropped its load. Out there, blue, dark overtone,
Sun sitting there with bright smile an its face,
they all seem to playing the game together,
culture of the Cosmo, I knew it.

My head busing, the indescribable pulled me to
gaze, to fathom the unclothed coding formed an my
window. What a show,very much exciting, it’s creeping,
running, climbing an each other, splashing, fallen
quickly as it calculating the time. God! such rain drops.

Indescribable rain drops on my window, what a weight to
carry. Is she crying? but how can I know, useless the
unthinkable happen cause in consternation, altering the
mind. Rain drops an my window, its contour, God’s fingers
alternating the designed. What of the eyes to see, he mind
to fathom, enshrine hope in my heart, indescribable,
rain drops.


What is so essential about the essentials
this day-to-day essentials, called
the essentials. Tomorrow again, the same, oh!
That perpetual house of common question period
debates, as seem an t.v. The essentials, how
practical is the essentials. life need
the essentials, be it in Shanty Town, upscale
New York or with those gleaning in open corn field.

The essentials, that how we live our lives.
Common bonds, scarlet threads, silver linings,
D.N.A codes stack in laboratory hibernating.
Do not pause to pander, it’s not about grant
stand of the human enterprises, but rather
little things that connects, and make our lives
a wonder. The essentials, see the way the world
is spinning now. The true is, its simple the essentials.

images (1)For those who prayed, and for those who do not. O! you never knew till you knock with a tap on the door, and just allow to come in. It is the symphony of the soul cry, man to man, man to God. God to man, and the heavens still to let the wailing sounds of earthen comes to its ears. From parch places, to depth of ocean floors, up rise struggling, stumbling lips, languages of the perishable meeting the imperishable.

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One by one, slowly but surly.  One by one, then

the eyelids blinked as in desperation She bitten

Her lips, saying this was not to be, and here am

I going through, of what was not asked.


One by one, slowly, then surly as the sea of trusting

pain, ran across pale looking face cut deeply within,

while shuttled about crowed mall. I praise Her strength,

not her grieves. I empathize, but was I not mad, what

and who is the cause of such woes? Woman, O! Woman,

if I only knew.  May my prayers be answered, for you.