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rain drops 2

By the window I stood, this rain drops, babbling,
knocking. Asking to let her in, as white cloud
dropped its load. Out there, blue, dark overtone,
Sun sitting there with bright smile an its face,
they all seem to playing the game together,
culture of the Cosmo, I knew it.

My head busing, the indescribable pulled me to
gaze, to fathom the unclothed coding formed an my
window. What a show,very much exciting, it’s creeping,
running, climbing an each other, splashing, fallen
quickly as it calculating the time. God! such rain drops.

Indescribable rain drops on my window, what a weight to
carry. Is she crying? but how can I know, useless the
unthinkable happen cause in consternation, altering the
mind. Rain drops an my window, its contour, God’s fingers
alternating the designed. What of the eyes to see, he mind
to fathom, enshrine hope in my heart, indescribable,
rain drops.


room 202

Where no one say a word, as if a hundred
sprint now in progress. This is it, and we
all must contemplate the possibilities of a
win, but on this field we await the doctors reply.

Waiting room, it’s a hard place, is it not?.
Faith colliding in alien time zone, digital
moments, everything mushrooming in our mind.
The ground where trust inevitable deciding,
the things that need be Cristal clear.

The waiting room, on we must view everything.
The trays are gone, the converter still, the
child asleep, other grasping for flesh breath.
Who knows, the passage, a silence throne, a
cheering crowed, one just never knows till
the nurse or doctor comes to say. For there
lies the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent and call it a day.
It may be so, but faith must abide all the way, the waiting room.

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With sweetness to heaven’s ears. Plead from the souls
below, up over rocky mountainous slop. The father’s
chamber swan open, falling grace swept the floors
here on earth, causing jetting laughter, and smile.

Thanks for your prayers, we could not have done it
without you. They delighted the space wherein we
spurted, stretching from head to toes. What a place
when the way get blowy, and darkness set in.

Thanks for your prayers, it greeted the lonely
moments with cheers. Your care was felt on the dot
24/7,lighten dark hours, gratitude with attitude
extrude, then life speaks in tone that awaken the dead.

Thanks for your prayers, we can only repay by saying,
thank you. It is not a mistake, thank you from all of
us, the recipient of your benevolence, thank you.

zomdis 3
I do not know any more, simple too many things, everything
on this futile plant is a threat. I read it day by
day, sleep on it at nights like a penitent fool.
The environmentalist guru, conservative genius, the
moderate character. Two legged, even four, five and
ten, they are like Praetorian guard standing with
watchful eyes,and with their tribal list in hand.

What to fear, snakes which I dislike with a passion.
What to fear, if only I knew clearly, the fanatic, or
myself, Countries of the South pacific, madmen of the
Sahara, horn of Africa, or the West, indicative of the
bless with everything ending up in hell?

What to fear, allow me to catch my breath, watch the
steps taken, else fall into pathetic mess.O! God let
my fears lead into golden bless, fantasy be few, its
too much a nightmare living in a cosmic bubble. What
to fear, here I begin, a healthy fear of the brotherhood, and sisterhood of the neighborhood, and escape this apocalypse invading force, the ” zombies”.

zombis 2

take my hand 1

take my hand,

lead me where

you will. i might

ask, where to lord ?

i might shrug, even

murmur, but heaven

knows i knew not the

path that lies ahead,

so in child like faith. I asked Lord, please take my hand.

images (1)For those who prayed, and for those who do not. O! you never knew till you knock with a tap on the door, and just allow to come in. It is the symphony of the soul cry, man to man, man to God. God to man, and the heavens still to let the wailing sounds of earthen comes to its ears. From parch places, to depth of ocean floors, up rise struggling, stumbling lips, languages of the perishable meeting the imperishable.

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thCAETNT2B falling 2The world is such a vibrating domain,
undoubtedly that is why it is so
interesting to live in. There is this
collective scene of humors, with its
metropilistic impulsiveness.

Boomers planted firmly into the soil
of their traditions. Seeing old men
debating it as they face their own
mortality. Whatever is truly the
meaning of the X,Y generations, when
am gone, other will dispute my findings,
but the children say its built on sold
rock to last, just may be two thousand years, are they seeing twilight glowing at 12 in the afternoon?

Like volcanic ash, it is vibrating, tsunami screwing us in. Lapses, eclipse,visual personality, moralist, idealist, liberalism, conservatism,and the other godism. I see gods looking, and at best the vibrations continues at dread lock speed. Will we defile gravity, and fall not off the edges with a bang, begging for an emerging species?

Hush body, hush, the vibrations is no meaningless sound, entrap in
motionless domes. We can rewrite the script, stead the play quickly
with rhymes and sound. I bet we will except the apocalyptic night
mears. Hush body, hush, the vibrations is no meaningless sound.

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