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rain drops 2

By the window I stood, this rain drops, babbling,
knocking. Asking to let her in, as white cloud
dropped its load. Out there, blue, dark overtone,
Sun sitting there with bright smile an its face,
they all seem to playing the game together,
culture of the Cosmo, I knew it.

My head busing, the indescribable pulled me to
gaze, to fathom the unclothed coding formed an my
window. What a show,very much exciting, it’s creeping,
running, climbing an each other, splashing, fallen
quickly as it calculating the time. God! such rain drops.

Indescribable rain drops on my window, what a weight to
carry. Is she crying? but how can I know, useless the
unthinkable happen cause in consternation, altering the
mind. Rain drops an my window, its contour, God’s fingers
alternating the designed. What of the eyes to see, he mind
to fathom, enshrine hope in my heart, indescribable,
rain drops.


What is so essential about the essentials
this day-to-day essentials, called
the essentials. Tomorrow again, the same, oh!
That perpetual house of common question period
debates, as seem an t.v. The essentials, how
practical is the essentials. life need
the essentials, be it in Shanty Town, upscale
New York or with those gleaning in open corn field.

The essentials, that how we live our lives.
Common bonds, scarlet threads, silver linings,
D.N.A codes stack in laboratory hibernating.
Do not pause to pander, it’s not about grant
stand of the human enterprises, but rather
little things that connects, and make our lives
a wonder. The essentials, see the way the world
is spinning now. The true is, its simple the essentials.

Cloudless sky

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How last am I under canopy eyes, a dotted spot below,
when looking from Cosmo high. Here we are, over six
billions of us on planetary ground, grooving in,
grooving out, on trying desperately to survive.

How last am I under canopy eyes, sometime I think you
are a spy. On because of your technological supremacy,
opposing as its limitation, and the true is. I yearn
for those colorful graphic wonders above, not this
breathless, aimless heaven, hanging over my unrepentant

How last am I under canopy eyes, dulling my laughter
and fun, but soon the beauty of your amiable self, the
artistic pleasantry always delights, bringing my
dis-pear to joy, that said, I knew we are friends. The
cloudless sky.

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With sweetness to heaven’s ears. Plead from the souls
below, up over rocky mountainous slop. The father’s
chamber swan open, falling grace swept the floors
here on earth, causing jetting laughter, and smile.

Thanks for your prayers, we could not have done it
without you. They delighted the space wherein we
spurted, stretching from head to toes. What a place
when the way get blowy, and darkness set in.

Thanks for your prayers, it greeted the lonely
moments with cheers. Your care was felt on the dot
24/7,lighten dark hours, gratitude with attitude
extrude, then life speaks in tone that awaken the dead.

Thanks for your prayers, we can only repay by saying,
thank you. It is not a mistake, thank you from all of
us, the recipient of your benevolence, thank you.

take my hand 1

take my hand,

lead me where

you will. i might

ask, where to lord ?

i might shrug, even

murmur, but heaven

knows i knew not the

path that lies ahead,

so in child like faith. I asked Lord, please take my hand.

No shame,Tropic Sun, ran under panganat trees,
I could tell as blaze spread throughout
mango walk, cane field, and then,
lighten upon the sea.

Tropic Sun, from Blue Mountain peak,
Children ran to greet you, lustrous
isle beneath blue sky. The rich stopped
by to say hi, the suffering poor and
beast stood, and salute, despite their
state of affair.


Tropic Sun, rising from your place of
origin, mast with your multitudinous
smile. What a show, you speak for the
diversity of man, blood soak in the soil
you bear down upon. I will embrace you for the
hope, bring to us.


August 6,1962, I would have giving my live not
knowing why, emancipation cause, that was
hot, and who will not sacrifice. Seven years
old caught up with the commemorate honor of it all.
Gigantic fears, eating, drinking, carrying
the flag with pride I knew I belong.
Caravans everywhere, sea of people as farther
Fields, heaven open its doors for us.
Songs of redemption, shackles of Egypt leaving
behind,freedom now our cry.


A boy, only seven, envies no one,I love this
land, sweet paradise.Land woven with tartan
marshes, rainbow sky reminded of promise told.
Rain descended making lavish green leaves barks,
echoing lasting memories of Mongo, Garv walk, and river
coming down, capital news gives way to local
Village stories, oral traditions keeping lives
together. This my home, sweet home, new birthing began,
and so I knew I belong. A task before laid that will have to be done,
may be our labor just started , my day with destiny.