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What is so essential about the essentials
this day-to-day essentials, called
the essentials. Tomorrow again, the same, oh!
That perpetual house of common question period
debates, as seem an t.v. The essentials, how
practical is the essentials. life need
the essentials, be it in Shanty Town, upscale
New York or with those gleaning in open corn field.

The essentials, that how we live our lives.
Common bonds, scarlet threads, silver linings,
D.N.A codes stack in laboratory hibernating.
Do not pause to pander, it’s not about grant
stand of the human enterprises, but rather
little things that connects, and make our lives
a wonder. The essentials, see the way the world
is spinning now. The true is, its simple the essentials.


compassion 2The day  task is here, I must do what

I ought to do. For soon the day end, night

shadow fall. Will I my maker today ?. Frankly

I know not what will befall me, but let it be

what it is to be, and the rest is alright.


The day task is here, let me do it well. With all

the strength processes, my soul satisfied , other

bless. The Lord be praise, for soon the day end,

nigh shadow fall. Will I meet my maker today ?.

Frankly I know not whate’er befall me, but ┬álet

my life be what it is to be, and the rest is alright.