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What is so essential about the essentials
this day-to-day essentials, called
the essentials. Tomorrow again, the same, oh!
That perpetual house of common question period
debates, as seem an t.v. The essentials, how
practical is the essentials. life need
the essentials, be it in Shanty Town, upscale
New York or with those gleaning in open corn field.

The essentials, that how we live our lives.
Common bonds, scarlet threads, silver linings,
D.N.A codes stack in laboratory hibernating.
Do not pause to pander, it’s not about grant
stand of the human enterprises, but rather
little things that connects, and make our lives
a wonder. The essentials, see the way the world
is spinning now. The true is, its simple the essentials.


room 202

Where no one say a word, as if a hundred
sprint now in progress. This is it, and we
all must contemplate the possibilities of a
win, but on this field we await the doctors reply.

Waiting room, it’s a hard place, is it not?.
Faith colliding in alien time zone, digital
moments, everything mushrooming in our mind.
The ground where trust inevitable deciding,
the things that need be Cristal clear.

The waiting room, on we must view everything.
The trays are gone, the converter still, the
child asleep, other grasping for flesh breath.
Who knows, the passage, a silence throne, a
cheering crowed, one just never knows till
the nurse or doctor comes to say. For there
lies the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent and call it a day.
It may be so, but faith must abide all the way, the waiting room.

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With sweetness to heaven’s ears. Plead from the souls
below, up over rocky mountainous slop. The father’s
chamber swan open, falling grace swept the floors
here on earth, causing jetting laughter, and smile.

Thanks for your prayers, we could not have done it
without you. They delighted the space wherein we
spurted, stretching from head to toes. What a place
when the way get blowy, and darkness set in.

Thanks for your prayers, it greeted the lonely
moments with cheers. Your care was felt on the dot
24/7,lighten dark hours, gratitude with attitude
extrude, then life speaks in tone that awaken the dead.

Thanks for your prayers, we can only repay by saying,
thank you. It is not a mistake, thank you from all of
us, the recipient of your benevolence, thank you.

images (1)For those who prayed, and for those who do not. O! you never knew till you knock with a tap on the door, and just allow to come in. It is the symphony of the soul cry, man to man, man to God. God to man, and the heavens still to let the wailing sounds of earthen comes to its ears. From parch places, to depth of ocean floors, up rise struggling, stumbling lips, languages of the perishable meeting the imperishable.

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sun 5Like trooper, the open fields, She

burned on my back as hat lead.

Jamaican boy climbing on hills,

going as fast as I could with plated

locks, laughing with God while

sweet mobile face shines in the

radiant Sun.

Twitting, twitted, the Sun costed its protective shield. Ha! the phantom ghost

my shadow shouted. Fear  not the pant to wear , been mindful that soon

the evening will drawn telling darkness to come. O! night pillow then my

head will take its rest, belly aches and pains as the Moon tasked a blankest.

. Prayer utter for the night as mystery of its own, work of another foe, till am

ready to laugh with God again.


( Note: Do not own copyright to the picture).