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Pouring Rain.

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Uncategorized
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th rain rainning.

On am running , filling the palate with its grains.
Obstructing pain and this much I learn, in pouring rain.
For the heaven’s open up, and will me in.

It’s a race to the house, but I do not want to win.
Rain, rain deep in Country land, it’s a fair game.
This intruding is an awesome pleasure I swear.

Pouring rain, so much grains, a full load over
flowing pans, and what it takes. Weather of nights
or days, matter not, just the same old stories.
Doing what pleases me in pouring rain is a challenge
not fear, even an my birthday, pouring rain.


rain falling

Bolted from my apartment, to meet me was the sparkling
Autumn mystic rain. Cover my locks, the twirling grain,
oh colorless the tides were high. Running,running down
trampling floor as it spread, the beast in me goes wild.
Ravished heart with flames , ambushing tweeting I almost fell.

Autumn rain on my locks, I drunk all as palate welcome gain.
Autumn rain on my locks, twist, turn and flash between lover,
just awaken from a spell which I frantically fraught to keep.

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hillRunning up hills ,I was  young,

eternity as  meaning, which

marked the trails, imprints

of a pioneer. The state of

my visionary outpost.

looking back now with hair

exhibiting gray, black and

some brewing white, sign of

a gallon knight.  Ever so often I returned  to commune with the past,

rejuvenate  and welcome the presence. The hills, the kid, that was

was  yester-years. The hills, the kid now pending youthful years,

gratuities is an, on ever erring song. The running hills of yester-years.

Youthful outpost, that was growing up,the running hills.

Note: ( Do not own copyright to this picture).