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dancing in sonw 1

The long day ended, so did the evening,
rolling in speedily. The night entered, with
load of wet snow from Crescent sky. Fallen on
the Metropolitan, a city just about bedding
down to bed.

Should I join the night walker, entering
neighborhood tavern for a cold beer? My
rational out weigh the ads of nipping
cold. So out came I in clad coat. Down the
street, round the bend, closeted houses, then
a sign of no exit exposed itself.

Ha! but this silty, milt, not so chilly out
door feel of the night, calling so imposing.
Looking back, the claustrophobic place of my dwelling
was calling too. So I danced for the last time. In
the open somber winter night, I danced for the last
time, before entered back to my covet den.The last danced.


Without Snow.

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Winter, then came jelly Christmas without snow,
what a shame, such a jam an my state of mind.
Sticks standing begging to be cover in rob of
white, with the recalled of memories jogging.

Winter, then came jelly Christmas without snow.
Familiar face was not in Town,no poms no pride.
The place so paled looking, joys bells echoing,
but where! becomes a sudden cry, you certainly
would want to give your reaching hand.

Winter, then came jelly Christmas without snow.
Now that am fool by my dreams, perhaps I will
appreciate nature misgivings, allowing for other
to inter cherry space, warmth, from winter cold.
Still, I can dance till next time, till next time.

Prolong winter

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snow 1

Winter, we been told that you would be prolonging your stay with us, taking center stage in our lives till March ending. Is that so? ah what a ball, the tales getting sweeter.

We are in no pretenses, and like me, am not presumptuous to act in any way that will cause you emotional rumbling. Ci-vie
disobedience is not desirable,we just need to get through this.

This is not the first time. now is the anniversary, a celebrated festivity, for our diversity. I stood sometimes, watched, and marvel, as you moved upon an our collective Psychic

Winter, you are just golden, I meant it, just golden, specially as the night shadows fall, and snow roiling , playing gymnastic games, the sweetness forcefully telling, am in lover’s lane despite your mean spirited self sometime. Let it be known, you are just golden.

Cold Chill

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Cold chill to the bone, rumble in the head, then whispering

sound, tales of how winter presses hard with sudden

crushing pain. What a chill, in for the kill, the

relieves, none can, and none will.

I dearth the days, fear the nights, starry skies such

busyness of spirit to find warmth, dearest friend

wonder by, acting as if mourning will never past.

Cold chill, blood and bone, garish all the winter wears.

pat down with us crying tries. For the love of

country , yes! but must the cold chill suck, to

the bone, I suppose that is what winter is make of, what

do you have to say about that?

Dirty Snow.

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” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

winter2013 027

<Snow-white, ever rode in lillien gown. I heard you, I see you, it is only you
in your ever flowering presence, inhabiting time and space.

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Snow Dance

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snow 1   Rippling sparking, in the millions,

slowly, then  as blissful wind the

velocity . O! lord, twisting

turning hanging in mid-air she

dance. What violent slug till fallen

on  my face, such mystifying touch. I imagine over mountainous terrains,

sloppy hill sides. Plains where farmers would till gains, cows once eat grass.

Woody forests; on park benches often sat enjoying the comfort of love

as the docile Sun looked on. Now snow dance and sing.

Dance white beauty, dance in ecstasy of joy. laughter on our children faces.

Visiting the neighborhood, our heart-felt gratifies. Dance  with graceful

delight, sweet liberty. Please stay with us so we can dance, awaken from the

spell of  winter draft, your  rhyme is prefect, dance with us, O snow dance.

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