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rain drops 2

By the window I stood, this rain drops, babbling,
knocking. Asking to let her in, as white cloud
dropped its load. Out there, blue, dark overtone,
Sun sitting there with bright smile an its face,
they all seem to playing the game together,
culture of the Cosmo, I knew it.

My head busing, the indescribable pulled me to
gaze, to fathom the unclothed coding formed an my
window. What a show,very much exciting, it’s creeping,
running, climbing an each other, splashing, fallen
quickly as it calculating the time. God! such rain drops.

Indescribable rain drops on my window, what a weight to
carry. Is she crying? but how can I know, useless the
unthinkable happen cause in consternation, altering the
mind. Rain drops an my window, its contour, God’s fingers
alternating the designed. What of the eyes to see, he mind
to fathom, enshrine hope in my heart, indescribable,
rain drops.


202020 108

Mountains, Hills climbed, to touch

ravish in its rocky place. Lay atop

robust, orchard patches. You only played

with my mind, illusions of all kinds.

I pause to ponder, then ran off to the

higher point. Ya! silly me, you laughed

and laughed, till caught in your hollow

arms. There is the amorous of your love,

live were, even now is so full of those shard

moments. Thanks for the meeting together I’ll come

again, hoping to be supersaturated by your love encounter.

No shame,Tropic Sun, ran under panganat trees,
I could tell as blaze spread throughout
mango walk, cane field, and then,
lighten upon the sea.

Tropic Sun, from Blue Mountain peak,
Children ran to greet you, lustrous
isle beneath blue sky. The rich stopped
by to say hi, the suffering poor and
beast stood, and salute, despite their
state of affair.


Tropic Sun, rising from your place of
origin, mast with your multitudinous
smile. What a show, you speak for the
diversity of man, blood soak in the soil
you bear down upon. I will embrace you for the
hope, bring to us.

Preventive measure I presume no longer matters. The prognostic processed you, and that sometimes provokes anger. Leaves of the hour sitting in decorative way.

What is the procedure, the sunrises, dew dries from grass just cleanses. Burning sun, lighten thunder, leaves blanking lawns leaving the workaholic to labor, then calling the collectors

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I presume you Autumn mind the hours, with leaves failing, I do not care what need done, just embraces me in the warmth of your weather. I fear not the hideous task of picking up behind, you
are here and the journey together is so much better with your scandalous life style.

The Sun and I

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hope sign 1As a boy, I often played with the

Sun, we were

such friend, like father, like son. A


shadow trailing my behind, and

like lover

chasing each other, defiantly  a time honor spot.  Yes, even when I’m

overwhelmed by fears, the though of spreading wings bored me along.

His competence was never in question, that let the child in me sore,

captive by the unknown. Invincibly was not a dream, perfectionism in

order,  gesture to deity. The sun and I a child embraceable a being, till man,

and the wild meet down the road. The inevitably happened, a knife became my

weapon of choice. The ocean asked of human flesh, quite places of the woods

vampire lore. Growing up was fast, the child in me cries, oh! thank God, the


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For there is no way you could allow orange face sun blasting down

inferno, this is brutal, devil’s hell-bent on my back. It is not midday,

or the middle of summer, and holly!, tell me you are mad?

After all our sins as gone into the third degree. If you kill us all at once,sun 1

who will confess, asking pardon

before orange face goes down,

and starry sky touch my thigh

letting me jump, shout till full

moon appears, whispering peace.

O trouble soul , peace to you I


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sun 3Face of the race, mirror my soul

the way it flows, bring me flowers

golden ray.


Here before your throne stood

nothing to hide. May I climb

ladder ascent, up high so you can

spread me wide.


A place of solitude then find, call it winter sabbatical, I need to rest for a while.


( Note: Do not hold copyright to this picture ).