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Without Snow.

Posted: December 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Winter, then came jelly Christmas without snow,
what a shame, such a jam an my state of mind.
Sticks standing begging to be cover in rob of
white, with the recalled of memories jogging.

Winter, then came jelly Christmas without snow.
Familiar face was not in Town,no poms no pride.
The place so paled looking, joys bells echoing,
but where! becomes a sudden cry, you certainly
would want to give your reaching hand.

Winter, then came jelly Christmas without snow.
Now that am fool by my dreams, perhaps I will
appreciate nature misgivings, allowing for other
to inter cherry space, warmth, from winter cold.
Still, I can dance till next time, till next time.


Not going anywhere soon,well, you can join me please, Sir, Madam, will you?

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Don;t played me now, I need to know
the truth ? July 19,2009,
at 3:26 pm, Toronto, City
of diversity. It was at the corner
of Dundas and Young, rhymes of
African drumming. They played for us
with such brilliancy, it savior the
moments, the gods spread wings as we were
covered over, the amorous of sweet incense.
ubs picture for wedsite 509 We applauded, then
giving token of our love, dollars, nickels, dimes
and cents while African drumming lingers on into
the twilight, reaching the urban fabric of night
live Downtown TORONTO.

Before you take the shots, I would like to know at what prize, you do not mind? How about a trip to Down-under, or Amsterdam, and bear in mind a bottle of Remy Martin. Deal! now go ahead and take the shoot Not so fast friend, that bottle is not allowed.

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Stopped it! are you playing with my mind? Be still, and allow me to take the shots, will you.
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